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Miles Bodimeade

A series of sculptures, carved in Bath stone, between October 2008 and March 2009.
LYCANTHROPY: A psychological condition that causes the sufferers to truly believe that at certain periods of their life, they turn into an animal. Most famously this is a wolf but it can be a bird, a snake, a shark, even a frog or an insect but usually something powerful, feral and free; something the person clearly feels they're not.

This subject allows me to try out all kinds of formal ideas I want to experiment with. I'm not trying to illustrate an animal or a human, or describing a particular clinical case; I'm exploring in stone the feelings that someone might experience as they tap into something primitive. At worse a person identifies so completely with an animal they'll attack other human beings who they regard as prey or a threat.
Shape-shifting, or metamorphosis, has been engrained mythology and folklore for thousands of years and most of us have imagined ourselves possessing the qualities of a wild animal: the strength of a gorilla, the grace of a panther or the freedom of a hawk.
Bath stone is durable but easy to carve, allowing me to working quickly and directly into the stone. This brings immediacy to the work that complements the theme of transformation; almost like drawing in 3 dimensions.

(For a powerful description of a young man suffering from lycanthropy see chapter 23 of criminal psychologist Paul Britton's book "Picking Up The Pieces". 

lycanthropy, power of changing oneself into a wolf: a kind of madness, in which the patient fancies himself to be a wolf.
Chambers Dictionary

Miles Bodimeade was born in West Sussex in 1959 and studied sculpture at Liverpool Polytechnic.

On The Wall Gallery, New York, USA. 
Roche Court Sculpture Garden, Wiltshire. 
Jagendorf Bacchi Gallery, New York, USA. 
England & Co Gallery, London. 
The Mall Galleries, London. 
The Williamson Art Gallery, Birkenhead. 
Alpha House Gallery, Sherborne, Dorset
Zimmer-Stuart Gallery, Arundel, West Sussex

£20,000, 2.5 ton bronze sculpture "Arm Wrestler" for Gun Wharf, Portsmouth. 2002.

NBC Television,
New York, USA.
Rexam PLC GB and many private collections in England and abroad.

"Endgame" by Samuel Beckett. The Arts Theatre, London W.1. 

"Discovering the Writer Within" by Barry Lane.
"The Hare and the Tortoise parts 1-5" by Barry Lane.
"100 Wacky Wee-searches" by Barry Lane.

For Planet K Productions, London W1. 
Tangerine Films, Pinewood.