Bozena Kaluga

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Bozena Kaluga

I am a fiber artist and multimedia contemporary artist. I was born in Poland, in 1960. Since my graduation from the Collage of Art in 1980 I began my studies at the Academy of Art and Design in Lodz, Poland. I graduated with a Masters Degree in fiber art and sculpture in 1985. As a student at the Academy of Fine Art and Design I was introduced to traditional weaving techniques, and kept on developing my skills as a tapestry maker. At the same time I become interested in a new technique of knitting. My involvement and dedication in developing my own techniques resulted in two university awards.

Since 1988 to 1991 I was a professor's assistant in sculpture class at The Academy of Fine Art and Design in Lodz, Poland. Since 1998 to 2001 I was also the head designer at PHZ Marbel sp. z o.o. Since 2001 I am based in the United Kingdom. I have produced work in a variety of media and have exhibited widely. I have won several prestigious awards at various competitions of fiber art and sculpture.

Honours/Awards 2009 Third Place in the 3D form Infinity Exhibition 09, USA

2009 Winner of "Best of 2009"-sculpture Marizart Galerie, Germany

1988 Winner at International Textilekunst Betonac- Prijs, Belgium

1987 Jugend Gestaltet Munich, Germany, GOLD MEDAL

1985 Academy of Arts University Award, First prize

1984 Art Society Award, GOLD MEDAL University award

1977 Unesco Award, special award for drawing, Switzerland

Most of the time I work in series, which helps me stay focused. Characteristic of my work is layering and a strong sense of texture. I work on large pieces, but I also really enjoy working in a small, intimate scale. It gives me a feeling of building up a confidence about hand/eye coordination and ensuring a certain spontaneous quality to my bigger pieces, even if they are sometimes very labor intensive. I work in several mediums such as; 3D Fiber Art, drawing, painting, graphics tech. and painting on silk. Repeatedly I use natural material such as cotton, metal, wire, wood or paper. I use light and shadows to define textures, which is one of the characteristic in my Art. A leading theme in my works is the world of human senses reflected in formal elements of my compositions. Describing moods and emotions within my work generally I am interested in texture and line. Since 1984 – 2012 I presented my art works in; Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Poland, UK, USA.

Following are list of the most important, individual and group exhibition in my career.

Individual Exhibitions

2008 Plateaux Gallery, London

2007 The Gallery in Cork St. London

Eleven Gallery, London

2005 Carte Blanche, Lodz, Poland

2003 Nitya, Hampstead, London

POSK, London

1985 - 2011 15th Individual Exhibition

1992 Galeria 86`, Lodz, Poland

1989 Eve Gallery, Vienna, Austria

1988 Galeria 86`, Lodz, Poland/Triennial Textile

Group Exhibitions 1986 - 2005 In partnership with Galeria 86`, Lodz, Poland

2012 The Gallery in Cork St., an exhibit finalist, London

2012 Fiber Art Show 2012- an exhibit finalist

2011 Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, Australia

2012 Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, Australia

2009 Marizart Galerie, Hamburg, Germany

The Gallery in Cork St. London

2008 The Gallery in Cork St. London

Textile museum de St Gall, Switzerland

Mall Galleries, London

2007 Musees D`Angres,France

Textilmuseum, Heidelberg,Germany

2006 12th International Lace Biennale, Brussels, Belgium

2nd International Minitextile Trienial and Flags, Szombathely, Hungary

2005 UH Galleries, Margaret Harvey Gallery, London

2003 Biennale of Florence, Italy

1st International Minitextile Trienial and Flags, Szombathely, Hungary

2001 2nd International Lace for Fashion, Sydney, Australia

1986 - 2005 In partnership with Galeria 86`, Lodz, Poland