Suchi Chidambaram

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Suchi Chidambaram

As a young child from Southern India , I was always interested in painting. I learnt to paint through observation and experiment. Initially self taught, it was only later that I was enthused into getting some formal training from K.C. Murukesan who is a senior artist from Kallandiri, well known for his abstract landscapes. His encouragement and techniques have inluenced me greatly. I have participated in various art workshops conducted by artists from South India. I moved to London in 1998 and continue to visit India to draw inspiration.

For the last few years I have been concentrating on oil painting, and inspiration has drawn me to views of cities, their people, the architecture and the interminable stories behind them. These are not painted in situ, rather they are painted from my distinctive memory of these places, often driven by my emotions. I try to capture the very mood of these inspiring cities and then narrate them on to the canvas with impressionistic strokes of thick oil paint with the use of a palette knife. They reveal the rhythm and movement of the people in these places. Large gatherings of people are depicted by sturdy streaks of colour, quite rich in texture. They unfold the flow of swarming crowds, the patterns they make as they move towards a focal point, generating harmony and a sense of unity in their force as one.

More recently, I have been drawn to portray the Elements, partucularly water, to express the purity and fluidity combined with the qualities of tranquitlity and resilience. I have tried to convey the supremacy and versatility of this element in motion and also in it's state of being still. These paintings are being shown in the current exhibitions.

Group show in Dubai in October 2009.
'Dastak', a group show in London, with Visual Art UK in November 2009.
Winter show with Artwave West in November 2009.
Group show with the Architect's gallery in November 2009.
Current Exhibitions and events:

Group show at the Grand Hyatt, Dubai, between 15 and 17 September 2009.
Open studio at Acava, 11 Colville Road, London W3 on the 19th and 20th September 2009.
Talk and demonstration at the Brent museum, London NW10 on 15th September 2009.
Group show with Art Select Dubai in September 2009 in Bahrain.
Group show with Artwave West from August to September 2009.
Summer exhibition with the Architect's gallery, Teddington, from July to September 2009.
Launch exhibition with Artwave West from June to July 2009.
Cambridge Art Fair, Chilford Hall Vinery, Linton from 5 to 7, June 2009.
Group show with Art Select from 17 to 20 May 2009 in Dubai.
Group show at The Architect's Gallery, Teddington, TW11 8QZ from April to May 2009.
Bristol Art Fair, with Neville Contemporary Art Gallery in May 2009.
Chelsea Art Fair with Neville Contemporary Art in April 2009, London.
Group show with Art Select in Al Khuwair, Oman in March 2009.
Winter show at Karen Taylor Contemporary Art,St. Margarets, in Dec 2008
Solo exhibition at the Nehru Centre, London, in October 2008.
Group exhibition in Dubai, in September 2008.
Group show by Visual Art at Galleryt 28, Cork Street, London- W1
Winter Show at Clarion Contemporary Art, London from Dec 2007 to Jan 2008.
Winter show at Karen Taylor Contemporary Art, Middlesex TW1 3EE from Nov 2007 to Jan 2008.
Group show by Apparao Galleries, Delhi in October 2007
Group show at Apparao Galleries, Chennai in Sept 2007
Participated in the 'India Now' Launch in July 2007, where my 25m long paintings around a plinth that supports a model of the Taj Mahal floated down the Thames. Visit www.visitlondon.com/india and www.bbc.co.uk/london/content/articles/2007/07/25/india_now_plinth_art_feature.shtml
Summer exhibition at Clarion Contemporary art, London W6 in July to August of 2007.
Two man show at the Light Gallery, London W2 in April 2007.
Group show by Visual Art at Gallery 28, Cork Street, London W1, in April 2007.
Group show at Karen Taylor Contemporary Art, Middlesex, in March 2007
Winter show at Clarion Contemporary Art, King Street, London in Dec 2006.
Winter show at Karen Taylor Contemporary Art, Middlesex in Nov 2006.
Group show held at Travancore Palace, New Delhi, India, in August 2006.
The Affordable Art Fair with Jonathan Poole at Battersea Park, London, in March 2006.