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Christopher Stone

I began my working life in London's East end as an apprentice cabinet maker to Donald Lear.
After receiving my City & Guilds papers I went to work for the artist designer Ralph Hampton in Sherbourne, Dorset. Returning to London I was engaged to work as a fine art restorer for the De Siedner gallery in Whitmore steet W.1.

I between times I undertook, and completed "The Knowledge of London", and drove a black cab there for 10 years to maintain myself as an artist. I later moved to Spain to participate as an artist designer in the world Expo 92 in Seville, working on both the British & Spanish pavilions. Upon my arrival in Ibiza I met and collaborated with the sculptor Barry Flanagan who mentored me artistically until his death in 2009. My work has been shown in many European cities, and the USA in both joint and solo exhibitions.

Public collections include.
The Fifteen restaurant/foundation, London.
The MuseƩ de Pienture, France.
The sculptors orchard, Bressuire castle, Bressuire, France
The City cultural centre, Fuengirola, Spain.
Brakenstown House, Dublin, Eire.
Enigma House, Cape town, SA.
Wessum, Amsterdam, Holland.

I think it's important to stay true to your vision, when you are creating a piece of art or any other work.
It's too easy to lose yourself and your identity if you only care about what others may think of you and your work.
By sticking to your vision, you will feel more accomplished and proud of your work, even if it's harder to get recognition. It is important to remember why you decided to become an artist or create. If you do things just for monetary gratification sooner or later you will feel lost and lose the thrill of your creativity.