Ian Hodgson

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Ian Hodgson

Graduating with a first class honours degree in fine art from Bradford College of Art in 2000, I moved to Brighton where I continue to live, work and exhibit on a regular basis. How we react to and move through the spaces we inhabit provides rich subject matter for my work, journeys, both physical and psychological an ongoing theme. Fragmented memories, past relationships and choices are revealed through the process of drawing, and its here where an understanding of what went before becomes clear.

Oct - Nov 06:Naked Eye Gallery, Brighton
Nov - Dec 05:South Square Gallery, Thornton, W. Yorkshire
Oct - Nov 04:Naked Eye Gallery, Brighton
Jul - Aug 04:Mad Hatters Cafe, Brighton
May - Jun 04:Gala Gallery, Brighton 
Jun - Sept 03:Hanbury Arms, Brighton 
Sept - Oct 03:Nelsons, Hebden Bridge

May - June 08:Naked Eye Gallery, Brighton
Aug 07:Gaze With Pride, various venues, Brighton
May – Jun 07:Naked Eye Gallery, Brighton 
Mar 07:Affordable Art Fair, Battersea, London
Jul - Aug 06:Pride In The House, London
May - Jun 06:Naked Eye Gallery, Brighton 
May - Jun 05:Naked Eye Gallery, Brighton 
Apr - May 05:Erotica, Brighton Fringe Arts, Brighton 
Apr - Jul 05:Oriental Hotel, Brighton 
Apr - May 05:Contemporary Gallery, Brighton 
Dec 04:Canvas, Blanch House, Brighton 
Nov - Dec 04:Canvas, Koba, Brighton 
Mar - May 04:Gala Gallery, Brighton 
Oct - Nov 00:Bradford Open, Cartwright Hall, Bradford 
Aug - Sept 00:Dean Clough Gallery, Halifax