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Ruslan Korostenskij

Ruslan Korostenskij was born on November 4th, 1975, in Lithuania.
Ukrainian by origin, R.Korostenskij became one of the many talents of a Slavic people, whose life is to be spent in nurturung thought through creativity. They have entered the history of world culture, and their names are immortal. Among our contemporaries devoting themselves to the creation of Ukrainan, or, rather, given the time we live in, global culture, Ruslan Korostenskij is to be reserved a special place. He is one of the outstanding artists of the new century, a legend, pride and glory of both Lithuania and Ukraine.

In 1989-1992 R.Korostenskij studied at the J.Vienozinskio Art School in Vilnius and completed his studies with honours, one year earlier than a regular student since, as one of the professors of the school revealed, there was nothing more he could teach an artist prodigy. The young artist carried on with his studies in the Ukrainian Academy of Fine Arts in Kyiv (1992-1996). He took part in exhibitions by young artists and in 1999 became member of the Artists Union of Ukraine. He held several important personal exhibitions in the best halls of the Ukrainian capital. His paintings were met with great appreciation by the audience and soon purchase offers followed.

Early in his career Ruslan Korostenskij selected the most challenging direction in the art, realism, and has remained faithful to it deeming realism the alma mater of any artist striving to be considered professional. He studied thoroughly the artistic heritage of his favourite artists, Leonardo da Vinci, Ivan Shishkin, Ivan Aivazovsky and Alfons Mucha. By absorbing the most remarkable achievements of the world painting art and developing the traditions of Russian realistic painting of the 18th-19th centuries, he was goal-oriented and inspired going his own way, enriching and refining his own artistic language. He evaded the influence of the destructive tendencies of the fine art of the 20th century and did not lose the providential features of his talent and his heart, the most precious instrument of an artist.

After an early period of creative works, characterized by mastering academic manner of painting to perfection in landscapes, still-life paintings and portraits, Ruslan Korostenskij moved on to develop his own unique genre, which allowed his personality to reveal itself in its depth. As an artist R.Korostenskij has become a mediator between man and time. Inherently sensitive to minute psychological changes of the human mood, the artist creates not merely a painting, but permeates into the innermost corners of the human soul, captures an emotion and transmits it in allegorical form on canvas. His works transcend emotion, they may be joyful and thoughtful, contemplative and overwhelmed with unrest. Yet the peculiar gentleness and cordiality make Ruslan Korostenskij's works profoundly national. While allegorical, his paintings are void of any unnaturalness. The depicted image conveys its inner state to the viewer in a manner that makes one believe that through paint and a brush life and passion have been inhaled into it.