Orsi Cowell-Lehoczky

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Orsi Cowell-Lehoczky

Orsi Cowell-Lehoczky was born and educated in Budapest (Hungary). She spent about 10 years living, working and exhibiting abroad : Romania, Greece and Switzerland, with two short breaks in Thebes (Hungarian excavations by ELTE University in Egypt) before she settled in the UK. Orsi has been based in London since 2010.
Her formal education includes a diploma in professional photography, a degree in graphic arts then a Master's degree in silkscreen printing (National University of Fine Arts, Budapest - Hungary 1993 – 1998, 2000; 1998 - scholarship in Rome, 1999 - First prize in National Competition for Silk-screen Printing.)

Her work is inspired by the visual legacy of the Hungarian Avantgarde: works heavily laden with symbolism, irony and drama.

During her university years she turned from pure monochrome towards the use of colours in her works, and later choosing oil and acrylic paint as her preferred medium.
As she has never been able to abandon her earlier interest in the more graphical approach, line drawing still has an important role in her work.
In recent pictures, Orsi has been experimenting with epoxy resin as a way of preserving details in her artwork using mixed medium. The application of resin also adds an interesting level to the artwork enabling her to manipulate dimensions as she discovers the possibilities of the medium.

"The ever-changing environment has had a great impact on my life and my way of looking at things. Although my pictures usually involve 'close ups' of my surroundings, they often carry an abstract or symbolic meaning. I hope to give some depth to my virtual snapshots by applying a private freedom upon my subject, creating a special figuralism. However, I believe that art should be enjoyable, even if it conveys something that might have great importance, at least to me."