Anna Rothwell

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Anna Rothwell

Born in Bournemouth, Anna was a creative child, with a love for Art that developed into a profession. 
Moving to Stafford in 1999 to study Figurative Sculpture established her fascination of human behaviour within Society. Seeking to capture people, in a way that entices the viewer to empathize and relate with her work. Using both the dynamic shape of the body or subtle small snap shots of a personal moment Anna aims to generate a sense of life.

Equipped with knowledge of anatomy, techniques and skills, learnt from sculpting and drawing from life on the Figurative Sculpture course, she furthered her studies by enrolling on the Ceramics (BA) at UWIC University. Graduating in 2004, with a rich understanding of clay, Rothwell combined her strengths to express her ideas through the use of the human form as a figurative Ceramist.

During 2007 she branched out into casting selected pieces into Bronze and Bronze Resin. These new materials broaden the possibilities of her work allowing her to create work on a larger scale as well as giving them strength, to resist the elements outdoors.

The main focus of my work is human behaviour within society. Expressed through the use of the figure, I seek to capture intimate moments of people in their own worlds, unaware of an onlooker. In doing so, encouraging the viewer to empathize with the work.
Drawing on everyday people doing everyday things makes us feel close to the pieces, relating them to ourselves or people we know. That the figures have natural physiques intensifies this sensation that these are not idealised figurines, but representations of real people. The viewer's participation is integral to the work to complete this relationship and feelings alluded to by the silent language of the pose and gesture.
It is relevant, therefore, in generating this response that the pieces are representational, suggesting the weight of flesh, mass and tensions within the body gives the forms a sense of life, making us react as we would with any other human being.