Liz Watts

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Liz Watts

Although always a keen artist, Liz initially trained as a veterinary surgeon. Then, for 10 engrossing years, worked in both large and small animal practice. During this time she created a number of wall murals, studied life drawing and was continually painting. 

Liz moved to France in 1992 where she studied decorative porcelain painting, moving on to ceramic work and subsequently to study sculpture and ceramics at l'Atelier des Beaux-Arts Henri Matisse, Creil for 3 years. During this period she lived, with her family, in an isolated house in the middle of an ancient deer forest. Here she spent long time studying, drawing and sculpting the deer.

She returned to the UK in 2002. She has a studio in Bradford on Avon where she now creates pieces in ceramic, porcelain and glass, papier-mâché, bronze and cement/fibreglass casts.

She is a founder member of The Art House Gallery Co-operative, Bradford on Avon.